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How to register?

To register in the ESI, you must login using:

  1. Cloud signature
  2. ID-card (passport of 2017)

When you login for the first time the system will automatically create a new account for you.

Don't know how to enter?

Login with Cloud signature

How to login with a Cloud signature

Login with ID-card (eID)

How to login with an ID-card?

To login using an ID-card, you need to connect the card reader to your computer, install the special software TumarCSP and Cryptosocket (they can be downloaded from the official website of Infocom SE).

  1. Select Login with ID card
  2. Insert your ID card the card reader
  3. Authenticator App
  4. Enter the 4-digit code from your ID-card that you set when you received your passport
  5. Click the Login button